About Us

Mission Statement

MBD Community Housing Corporation seeks to improve the quality of life of our community through housing development, property management, economic development, and the delivery of human services.

About MBD Community Housing Corporation

MBD Community Housing Corp. was founded in 1974 as a coalition of volunteers determined to save their community from the overwhelming incidence of arson, disinvestment, abandonment, and population loss that had decimated the Crotona Park East section of Bronx Community District 3.  Owning 39 buildings and 1,200 housing units, MBD has been instrumental and has served as a catalyst in the development of a revitalization plan to restore necessary public services, renovate abandoned buildings and develop new housing to repopulate our neighborhood.

MBD has successfully sponsored, constructed, and renovated over 2,300 units of housing. In addition, MBD sponsored the construction of the New Horizons Retail Center, which has created over 200 full-time and part-time permanent jobs and includes retail stores such as Pathmark, AJ Wright, IHOP, Radio Shack, Game Stop, and Subway.

MBD provides an established base of services that include building maintenance, tenant account management, and financial management.

Building Maintenance

Our experienced management agent staff is involved in every aspect of the building operations.  We focus on maintaining and improving the properties’ structure and systems and specialize in providing preventive maintenance services.

Social Services

As a unit of MBD’s Social Services department, we provide case management services to strengthen families in the community. Social Service Coordinators, based in MBD senior housing developments, provide a full range of social services for senior care. The department also provides housing referrals, public welfare assistance, and outreach services for health monitoring and medical examinations.

MBD will continue to have a positive impact in the Crotona Park East community by continuing the development of clean affordable housing, support to its senior residents, and social services.

Mbd Structure

Administrative Staff: 7
Maintenance Staff: 32 

Key Staff

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Wallace E. Mobley, Board Chairperson
  • Mr. James E. Shipp, Treasurer
  • Phyllis Williams, Secretary
  • Ms. Carmen Silva, Board Member
  • Mr. Joe L. Taylor, Board Member
  • Ms. Florence Blanchard, Board Member
  • Ms. April Horton, Board Member
  • Mr. Matthew Wambua, Board Member
  • Mr. Derrick A. Lovett, Non-voting Member