Organizational History

MBD Community Housing Corporation was founded in 1974 as a coalition of volunteers determined to save their community from the overwhelming incidents of arson, disinvestment, abandonment and population loss that had decimated the Crotona Park East section of Bronx Community District 3. MBD has worked with the local police and fire department to establish a community self-help program. MBD's involvement with our Community Board and other government officials assisted the development of a revitalization plan to restore necessary public services, renovate abandoned buildings, and develop new housing to repopulate our neighborhood in the Crotona Park East section of the Bronx.

MBD began to address its community economic pace needs in 1983 with our administration of the Commercial Revitalization Program under contract with New York City's Office of Neighborhood Economic Development. We successfully worked with private merchants in the area and public agencies to improve the physical appearance of neighborhood's commercial districts and thus making the program extremely successful.

The real estate development has credited valuable investments for financial institutions and the creation of safe and affordable housing has improved the quality of life in area.



Mid Bronx Desperadoes was formed by the leadership of five women, including Genevieve Brooks (Group Leader), Rev. William J. Smith (Chairman of the Board) and a volunteer coalition of nine local organizations.


The Volunteer Coalition conducted many meetings with City representatives, and Local government organizations to help in the creation of a revitalization plan for East Crotona Park.


President James Carter visits what he then called “the worst slum in America,” also known as the South Bronx.


President Ronald Reagan visits what he “compared to a burned-out London in World War II,” known as Crotona Park East.


The City's South Bronx Development Office & MBD transform the rubble referred to by Presidents Carter and Reagan to a thriving community by building 89 ranch style single family homes, known as Charlotte Gardens.


MBD is selected as one of ten organizations nationally to participate in the Eisenhower Foundation's Neighborhood Crime Prevention/Security Program.


HUD designates MBD as owner/developer of Bryant Mews and Rose Ellen Smith Apartments, consisting of 120 units for seniors.


Construction begins on Bryant Mews and Rose Ellen Smith Apartments. MBD also co-sponsors the development of Aquinas Housing for the Elderly.


Eae J Mitchell Terrace opens, consisting of 76 Units.


Mid-Bronx Plaza opens, consisting of 90 Units.


Inception of planning and operation of Seabury Park also known as Mid-Bronx Desperadoes Park.


Crotona Terrace opens, consisting of 52 Units.


MBD was presented the prestigious “American Planning Association's Presidential Award” for Quality of Life Physical Plan.


On October 23, Hon. Jose E. Serrano gives tribute to MBD in the House of Representatives for 22 years of service to the Bronx Community.


President William Jefferson Clinton gives speech at Boy's and Girl's Club, December 1997.  Seabury Park (Mid Bronx Despeardoes Park) opens.


Safe at Home program begins in partnership with Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), 42nd Precinct, and the Criminal Justice Coordinator's Office.


Rock Garden opens.


On July 23, ribbon cutting event for the opening of the New Horizon Retail Center.


New administration under the leadership of Derrick A. Lovett.


April, 2011, closed 184-senior housing unit rehabilitation loan.


June 2012, MBD closed a 19 building, 361 unit affordable housing rehabilitation loan.


June, 2014, MBD closed on a 39-unit affordable housing rehabilitation loan.


June, 2015, MBD closed on a 2-building, 47-senior housing rehabilitation loan.


December, 2015, MBD closed on a 2-building 128-unit affordable housing rehabilitation loan.


April, 2016, MBD, along with Trinity Financial, was awarded the RFP for the 425 Grand Concourse site, formerly known as P.S. 31, to develop a mixed use 24-story building, comprised of 241 units of affordable housing, and commercial space.